Frequently Asked Questions about the Blockchain Hack

Here are some answers to the questions we have gotten related to the Hack.

Q: What does it mean distributed?

A: It means that the entire Hack is virtual. Groups can work where they see fit, provided they have internet access. We will thus work entirely via internet using several different tools. We would however suggest groups try to co-locate on the group to more work together. We will provide more details on the way of working to the registered groups when registration period has ended.

Q: Is there a location groups need to be in?

A: No. We have prepared to provide some work spaces for groups, if there is a need for this.

Q: Is it possible to add group members after the registration?

A: Yes, minor changes to the group are allowed until the start of Hack, if necessary.

Q: Is the Hack only for students?

A: No, participation is not limited only to students. We are expecting that many students would apply.

Q: What kind of submissions are expected?

A: We will provide more information on this later. Roughly we have two kinds of submissions groups can work on. These are...

1) Idea/business plan

2) Early version/prototype.


Q: How does the Hack work?

A: We will provide a number of resources to help the groups in completing the hack. More information on this will be announced to the registered groups.

Q: How is the winner announced?

A: Winner will be announced in the seminar and in our chat.

Q: I don’t have a group. Can I still participate?

A: We can help you to find a group. Please fill in the registration form and we will connect participants looking for groups.

Q: I have some other questions.

A: Contact Juho Lindman (link to University of Gothenburg)

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